With support from donors like you, Lights for Life (LFL) International provides rechargeable lights to school-aged children in impoverished areas allowing them to read and study after the sun sets each night.

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Your donation pays for the light, shipping and free access to a charger (1 charger for every 50 lights).

Lights for Life is a registered non-profit in Canada and a registered charity in the United States.

What are Lights For Life Overhead Costs?

Lights for Life is committed to limiting its overhead cost to less than $0.20 for every dollar raised. Including administration, each shipment of 1000 lights and 20 chargers cost $20,000. To purchase the lights and chargers, ship them and cover the duties and taxes LFL requires $17,370 (86.9%). The remaining amount (13.1%) is used to cover fund-raising cost, financial reporting and other legal obligations.



The follow corporate donors have provided LFL with $10,000 or more in generous support.

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