The NURU Lighting System

LFL currently provides lights and a recharging system purchased from Nuru Energy. The Nuru lighting system is "simple, safe and sustainable."

African child reading at night with rechargeable NURU headlampSimple

LED Technology

  • Uses LED bulbs that never break and never need to be replaced
  • Provides enough light for basic tasks and room lighting

Flexible Design

  • Free to operate through access to a community charger
  • Two brightness settings
  • Can be used in a variety of ways, hung on a wall, used as a headlamp or mounted on a bottle
  • Can be used separately or connected together to create a brighter light


Not Fossil Fuel Based

  • No risk of fire
  • Does not contribute to poor indoor air quality
  • Carbon neutral, does not produce carbon dioxide (CO2), a greenhouse gas


  • Rechargeable NiMH battery. With a 20 minute charge the NURU lighting system produces 20 to 35 hours of light, about one to two weeks of light.
  • Expected to last 10 years.


The POWERCycle Generator

The POWERCycle GeneratorUnlike wind and solar, the pedal POWERCycle Generator ensures that power is always available. The POWERCycle can charge up to five LED lights at once with just twenty minutes of pedaling and because it is easy to operate, even children can use it.

Comparison Charts

The NURU Lighting System vs Other Forms of Lighting

Note: Context, target audience living on less than $600 per year in developing countries.

  NURU Lighting System Fossil Fuel Electricity Grid Fossil Fuel Generator Commercial Headlamp
Details The NURU Lighting System, LED lights & POWERCycle generator. Lighting powered from fossil fuels such as kerosene or oil. Electricity obtained from a power grid. Electricity obtained from a fossil fuel powered generator. Commercial camping headlamp, charger & rechargeable batteries.
Cost Under $20 Over $50 Over $50 Over $50 Between $20 & $50
Accessibility * Yes Yes No No No
Reliability Very Reliable Reliable Unreliable Reliable Yes
Safety Very Safe Unsafe Safe Safe Very Safe
CO2 Emissions Zero Yes Often Yes Sometimes
Air Pollution Zero Yes Often Yes Sometimes
Light Efficiency Very High Low Medium to High Medium to High Very High
  • * - Accessibility to the target audience living on less than $600/yr in developing countries.
  • ¶ - Solution is a fire hazard and produces indoor air pollution.
  • † - Air pollution caused from combustion of fossil fuels.
  • ‡ - Varies depending on the type of bulb used.

The NURU PowerCycle Generator vs Other Forms of Charging

  NURU POWERCycle Solar Power Wind Energy Electricity Grid Fossil Fuel Generator
Charging Speed Fast (20 minutes) Slow (1 hour per hour of use) Fast On Demand On Demand
Start Up Cost Under $20 Over $50 Over $50 Over $50 Over $50
Operating Cost $0 $0 $0 Over $50 Over $50
Reliability Very Reliable Weather-dependent Weather-dependent Not Reliable Reliable

See the NURU website for additional information.